The Original Angel® Cards App

With the interactive Original Angel® Cards App you can start and close the day with a moment of meditation. Once a day you can conjure an Angel. The Angel you call on for support helps you to see things that will arise that day from a fresh perspective. Making notes about your direct thoughts, the Angels view and your inspiration for the day, generates a personal diary that reflects deeper knowledge about yourself.

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The Original Angel® Cards App helps you to find focus each day

The Original Angel® Cards App offers you each and every day the opportunity to meet one of 72 Angels, to carry with you during the day. Each Angel can help you to focus on a particular aspect of your inner life. They will act as your partner in attaining a goal, leveraging your strengths to find unexpected solutions and discover unknown paths to express who you are and what connects you to the people around you. Writing about your experiences in the App’s Journal helps you to find patterns in your personal behavior and thoughts, and brings about knowledge about yourself and your unique connection to your environment.

Angel of the month

Enjoy the Angel of the Month, picked especially for users of the Original Angel® Cards App by Joy Drake and Kathy Tyler, creators of the Original Angel® Cards.

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Credits Original Angel® Cards App

At the transformation of the Original Angel® Cards into a smart phone App

When, some 33 years ago, we decided to start producing the Original Angel® Cards, while living at the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland, we hand cut and collated them. Now, after 1,4 million sets sold worldwide since that time, through the virtual skills of the team at the Mind and Soul Network who developed this App with our guidance, we can bring the uplifting and inspiring messages of the Angels to even more people.

We hope this App will support you in weaving intuitive promptings into the fabric of your everyday life. Let the Angels inspire you to risk a response to life that is spontaneous, fresh, and enlivening. Allow the Angels to guide you to act in congruence with your highest values and integrity. Our deepest wish for you is that you develop the ability to trust your intuition and live your life from the inside out.

May this new incarnation of the Original Angel® Cards support you in moving forward to meet the new in your life with openness and angelic assistance. And may our collective contributions increase global peace, harmony, and wisdom. We offer huge thanks all round.

Joy Drake and Kathy Tyler
June, 2014


The Transformation Game

Watch a film made for BOS about The Transformation Game.
Dutch - English subtitled - THE GAME OF CHANGE

Updated version

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Interview in 'Happinez'

For Dutch language readers: In the renowned 'Happinez' magazine an interview with developer Joop van Wijk appeared about our motivation to develop Apps like the Original Angel® Cards App. 

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I want to buy the hardcopy Original Angel® Card set

The Original Angel® Cards are available in a hardcopy in English, Dutch, German, French and Portuguese. A set includes, besides the 72 Original Angel® Cards, a booklet with extra information, such as guided meditations.

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Mind and Soul Network

Finding angels in your life

Mind Soul Network was founded in 2014 with the aim to develop digital tools for education, information and entertainment in the area of healthcare, care, well-being, coaching and spirituality.

The current focus of Mind & Soul Network is to publish the Original Angel® Cards, the Intuitive Solutions® and the Transformation Game® as Apps. These special and valuable games already exist in paper versions since 1981, when the Original Angel® Cards were first published.

The scenery of the world and our attributes change, but the need for well being and spirituality will be there as long as humans will roam the earth. Mind and Soul Network hopes to spread these messages of spirituality and inner peace further in the modern - digital - world.


Meet the team

  • Joop van Wijk

    Joop van Wijk, MD

    Originally a Medical Doctor, Joop van Wijk switched to film production and direction. One of the programs he made for Dutch television was ‘The Game of Change’, based upon The Transformation Game. That’s how he got involved with this game and the Angels that are such an important part of it. Ever since his ambition has been to develop the Transformation Game and its derivatives into interactive Apps and digital Games.

    ‘Why would a doctor and filmmaker be involved in something like an Angel Cards App'?

  • Joop van Wijk

    Jan M. Tromp, MD

    Jan M. Tromp is a former physician/psycho- and system therapist & CEO of Psychiatric Institutions (lately GGz Breburg, Tilburg) in the Netherlands. Nowadays - in his so-called career 2.0 - he works as a Boardroom consultant, coach, personal advisor and teacher. He is the President of the Board of the Utrecht district of the Royal Dutch Medical Association (KNMG). He is also an enthusiastic amateur photographer and painter. ‘Creativity’ is a leading force in his life and work.

    ‘Why would a psychotherapist and CEO be involved in something like an Angel Cards App'?

  • Joop van Wijk

    Prof. Pieter P. Jonker, PhD

    Pieter Jonker is professor of vision-based robotics at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. His work involves research and design of human inspired household robots for frail elderly, in which the cognitive abilities of those robots are crucial; the robots must learn to see (image processing) and understand what is going on (pattern recognition), in order to make wise decisions how they can help (learning from illustration and reinforcement).

    ‘Why would a professor in Robotics be involved in something like an Angel Cards App'?